Managed services from Exponent give you a wide-range of benefits designed to free you from the necessary – but time consuming – chores of monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure. They include: „

Reduced risk: Reduce your outages by increasing coverage and creating proactive maintenance. Exponent 24/7 staffing and centralized NOC gives you increased levels of support and reliability without additional staff.

Reduced complexity of IT operations: You won’t have to hire experts in all the facets of technology affecting your business. The Exponent team already has a wide-range of certified and hard-to-find technical expertise. „

Improved focus on your core business: We leverage our technical experts and monitoring tools to proactively manage and maintain your IT systems. As a result, you can concentrate on the strategic initiatives that better serve your company and customers. „

Comprehensive geographic coverage: Get complete coverage of your IT infrastructure wherever it’s located. Whether it’s your headquarters, a branch office or a server in a third party data center, as long as there is Internet connectivity available, we can monitor and maintain that location. „

Access to the latest technology : You can enjoy the benefits of our enterprise class monitoring tools without the cost of purchasing and operating them. „

Predictable costs: Take the guesswork out of budgeting. Turn reactive problem solving and increasing expenses into a well-defined service with an established cost. „

Flexible coverage plans: The Exponent platform allows monitoring of any part of your IT infrastructure. Have us monitor and manage as much, or as little, of your infrastructure as you like. „

Professional services expertise : Full range of professional IT services including assessments, design and implementation and consulting services to help you complete your projects on time.

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